When I met Queen Bey herself……oh my gosh!!! She gave me a high five and two hugs!!!! I mean….just look it….I am sitting on a friggin couch….chillin’ my favorite artist in thee entire world….BEYONCE!!!….like…how…in….Ugh….I still cannot friggin deal!!! I love this woman!!! I was sooo nervous the entire time!! See I had already made up in my mind that I was gonna approach Bey like I knew her as an old time friend like yooo wassup Bey? How you been?

so I was the first person to walk in the room and I got extremely
nervous,and was just in awe of her beauty I ended up greeting her like

but on the inside I was like 

and I got so nervous again my crazy behind knocked over the backdrop that we were standing up against

Julius had to pick it up before it fell all the way to the ground,but thank God nobody saw it fall!

So then we all sat on the couch and watched out Pepsi Ad and then we took the photo and ugh….I cant even finish….I was just so happy that day!!! All I have to say is…..I LOVE YOU BEYONCE!!!!!!

Oh and you guys can catch all the action here!!!!
Pepsi + Beyonce:Dance For A Chance Super Fan Video

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    You guys did a great job! So cool to meet Bey!
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